| 06-10-2021

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Front Yards In Bloom

Participate in Front Yard in Bloom - an Edmonton Local 730 Tradition!

CUPW 730  along with our partners, the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Horticultural Society  are launching a new year of Front Yards in Bloom—a beloved tradition for gardeners, yard enthusiasts and community members. Since 1999, the Edmonton Horticultural Society, CUPW Local 730 and the City of Edmonton have celebrated citizens who work hard to make their space beautiful.

It’s easy to do. Help by nominating a customer’s beautiful yard, public space or balcony along your delivery route spreading pride in their hard work.  Even if you don’t deliver mail you can nominate yards around your neighbourhood. Lawn signs will be placed on nominated yards along with a brochure of recognition. Customers are very appreciative when their yard is nominated by their delivery person.  This program helps to foster community connections and is good public relations for our Local. Over 6000 yards were nominated last year with approximately ⅓ nominated by CUPW members. The CUPW logo is displayed on the lawn sign and brochure. 

Front Yards in Bloom allows communities to come together and stay connected. This program helps to foster our connection to our communities and helps to make the work day a little more enjoyable.  If even for a moment, it’s always good to appreciate what is around you. Nomination forms will be distributed in all work facilities.

Printable nomination forms: Link
Online nomination forms:
Contact: Kathleen

The Deadline for Nominations is June 30. 

In Solidarity,

Kathleen Mpulubusi
Front Yard in Bloom Coordinator, CUPW 730