| 06-15-2021

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CUPW 730 Wins Big at CALM Awards

New Committee Wins in Various Categories


CUPW Local 730's inaugural Communications Committee has been working hard in the past year and a half to keep our membership informed - especially during the  pandemic - using our newsletter, website, and social media channels. As a new committee, we were hopeful , but not expectant, when we submitted our entries to the Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) awards panel. It was a very pleasant surprise to have our work recognized on a national stage, and we are grateful to CALM for providing a space where labour media is appreciated and celebrated.

Our current Communications Committee consists of Natasha Fryzuk (me, your Communications Officer), Wendy Crispin (Shop Steward, Mayfield), Kyle Turner (Shop Steward, Rosedale), Chris Pilgrim (2nd VP EMPP), and Roland Schmidt (President and de-facto member of all committees). Together we earned five CALM awards, as follows: 

- The Morden Lazarus Prize for Best Opinion Writing - Roland Schmidt, "May Day State of the Union": Link here

- The Rosemarie Bahr Award for Best Print Layout and Design of a Regular Publication (Volunteer produced) - June 2020 InsideOut: Link here

- The Katie Fitzrandolph Award for Best Overall Regular Print Publication in English (Volunteer produced)- The InsideOut: Link here

- Best Website Content (Volunteer produced) - cupw730.ca: Link here

- Honourable Mention for The Ed Finn Award for Best Writing (Volunteer Produced) - Communications Committee, "How We Mobilized for Covid-19": Link here

Full Details on CALM site: Link here


Moving forward, the Communications Committee plans to uphold our established standards and expand in new and relevant ways to serve our local's focus on education, organizing, and direct action. 


In Solidarity,