| 07-06-2021

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Local Newsletter - July 2021 Edition

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CUPW 730 July 2021 Newsletter Contents:

1. CUPW National Statement: Every Child Matters to CUPW
2. Online Vote Testing: Renaming the InsideOut Contest
3. President's Report: Silver Linings
4. Grievance Q & A
5. Front Yards In Bloom
6. Route Measurement: Why Did I Lose My Overassessment?
7. Gearing Up for Bargaining: Canadian Union Pushes for a Greener, Better Postal Service
8. Time Values and On-Demand Pickups
9. Are Postal Workers Better Off Now Than They Were 10 or 20 Years Ago? A Letter to the Editor and Rebuttal 
10. Comic - No Relief: You’re Still Here?
11. CUPW 730 Punches Above Its Weight