| 09-03-2021

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New Date/Times Added For Contract Extension Voting

Extension Voting Information

Locals across our region have expressed concern to our National Executive Board (NEB) over the difficulties many of our members are having with the virtual format for the contract extension vote. In response, the NEB has scheduled one more voting day (Sept 3) with three voting time options. Due to COVID-19, these meetings can only be responsibly held on a virtual platform. Very few of our members seem happy with this format; all we can do is ask for your patience and understanding that everyone is trying their best given the circumstances.

Who Can Vote?

The last day for the extension vote will be conducted virtually or by phone on Friday, September 3, 2021 at three different times. To vote, you must:

1. Be a CUPW Member in good standing with updated contact information.
Have received a secure 8-digit PIN via mail or email allowing you to cast a vote.
3. By Email:
Register using one of the voting time slot links below. You will then receive a separate email with a new link to join the meeting. 
4. By Phone: Call the phone number listed below during the vote time and follow the voice instructions.
Use your link and password (or phone option) to join 10 minutes before the listed time. Late-comers will not be able to join.


Need Help?
If you have already received your PIN but have not yet voted at previous meetings, you will be able to use your PIN to vote on September 3. If you have not yet updated your contact information or received your voting PIN from CUPW National via physical mail or email, and are still interested in voting on the contract extension, please call (780-423-9000 ext. 2) or email (treasurer@cupwedm.net) our office as soon as possible to provide the following information:

1. Email subject line: Need Vote PIN
2. Full name
3. Employee ID
4. Email
5. Phone number

Voting Options
The NEB has combined the RSMC and Urban meetings to take place at the same time. Multiple time slots have been scheduled to accommodate the different shifts. Please register to attend only one time slot.

Friday, September 3, 2021 // register for only one time slot:

- 9:00am // Meeting Registration: LINK // Meeting ID: 83650747826 // Password: 744377 // Phone Option: 1-587-328-1099

- 1:30pm // Meeting Registration: LINK // Meeting ID: 84621881219 // Password: 148738 // Phone Option: 1-587-328-1099

- 6:30pm // Meeting Registration: LINK // Meeting ID: 86598646967 // Password: 310602 // Phone Option: 1-587-328-1099


Downloaded/printable PDF version: LINK