| 03-02-2022

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EMPP Shift 3 Members Forum: Saturday, March 5, 1pm

One of the greatest strengths of union solidarity is when our members from varying backgrounds and experiences join forces to improve our workplaces. The rights and benefits we enjoy as postal workers were not created out of thin air, but are the result of great collective sacrifice and struggle. The challenges we face are as diverse as our membership and the jobs we perform in our different work locations. Unfortunately, sometimes personal differences can distract us from uniting to take on the common enemy making our lives harder -- company management. 

We all want the ability to come to work and do our jobs in a safe manner, free of stress. Union shop stewards and local officers are always here to help members who need it but can only do so to the extent that there is open communication about the problems being faced, and a spirit of cooperation to find a solution together. More than any other facility or shift in our local, EMPP Shift 3 suffers from a severe lack of union volunteers and active shop stewards, as well as deep misunderstandings and rampant misinformation about the function and activities of our union. This discord only aids management.

On Feb 25, around 10 Shift 3 EMPP volunteers joined myself, Rashpal (Health & Safety officer), Chris (VP - EMPP), Devon (VP - Organizing), and Evelyn (Chief Steward Shift 1) for a very productive discussion about what can be done to help strengthen union solidarity on Shift 3. We covered everything from health & safety concerns, and the role of shop stewards, to how we can all better support one another in asserting our rights on the work floor. To build on this discussion, we all agreed on the idea of holding a virtual forum at a time convenient to most EMPP Shift 3 members where local executive members would present on the issues previously raised as well as answer pre-submitted questions.



Submitting Questions
In order to be mindful of everyone’s valuable weekend time, we want to keep this event as focused as possible. After local executive members present on the issues previously raised, we are happy to answer any respectful questions seeking clarification on your rights at work, the roles of the health & safety committee and shop stewards, as well as anything else union-related. Please submit your questions using the following link:

Attending The Forum
While this event will focus on issues specific to EMPP Shift 3 members, other local members are welcome to join and observe. The meeting will run from 1:00pm-2:30pm. There is no need to pre-register, just join the meeting using this link: