| 03-29-2022

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Local Newsletter - March 2022 Edition

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CUPW 730 March 2022 Newsletter Contents:

1. President's Report: March 2022 GMM - Out of the Fryer, Into the Frying Pan
2. 2022 International Women's Day
3. Route Measurement By the Numbers: Volume Count Edition
4. Eight Hours Work, Eight Hours Rest, Eight Hours Recreation
5. Building a Strong Union in the Workplace: A Few Thoughts
6. Virtual Screening: The Struggle Continues with Guest Jean-Claude Parrot
7. The Importance of Union Education
8. Upcoming Education Opportunities
9. Reporting Injuries
10. Canada's Freedom Convoy Exposed the Sham of "Pro-Worker" Conservatism
11. Worker Solidarity
12. No Relief comic: The Suspension 
13. What is a Social Steward?