| 07-06-2022

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Local Dispatch (22/07/06)

Comrades & Friends,

This local dispatch is packed with information. The most important is the floor elections for local President and VP-2 (EMPP) positions at the General Membership Meeting this Saturday!  Please make sure to register in the notice below.  It's an exciting time in our local and you should take part!

Local Election

A reminder that we will be electing an interim President and interim 2nd Vice President EMPP at our upcoming GMM on Saturday, July 9th at 11 am. To take part in this meeting, you need to register by Friday, July 8th, at noon.

For more information, please check the most recent GMM notice.

Register: LINK

Deadline: Friday, July 8th, 2022, noon. Registrations are confirmed after the deadline.

Those registering after the deadline will not be admitted. Please respect the time and efforts of those administering these meetings. For extenuating circumstances, or help registering, please contact: treasurer@cupwedm.net


Returning Members

We had a number of members who have been off on Leave Without Pay due to the federal vaccine mandate. The mandate ended on June 20th and our employer began allowing members back on July 6th.

The Local Executive would like to encourage everyone to be respectful of our returning brothers, sisters, and cousins, and to do their best in creating and maintaining a safe and respectful working environment.

Click HERE for the latest mandate information.

CN Strike

On June 18th, over 750 signal and communications workers (represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) went on strike at CN. The main issues for the strike included pay and benefits.

To put this into perspective, CN made close to $5-billion in profit in 2021. CN paid its CEO over $13-million and gave an additional bonus of over $2-million. But when it came time to negotiate with its employees, CN was only willing to offer an 8% raise despite annual inflation being 7.7%.

The strike came to an end two weeks later on July 6th after CN and IBEW agreed to binding arbitration. As postal workers, we have learned over the years that arbitration is not as effective as a negotiated contract, but we will have to wait and see what the outcome is for our cousins at CN.

EDLC Labour Day Barbecue

For 31 years the EDLC has been holding our Labour Day BBQ in McCauley, the heart of our City. We invite everyone, young and old to come together to celebrate the achievements of working people.

People across Canada have been working hard over the past two years to protect themselves, their families and communities. Labour Day is a time for us to gather and celebrate. This is our moment – it’s time to organize and unionize.

Join us and celebrate all that labour has done to build our world and keep it moving!

Details: HERE

September 5th, 11:30 to 3:30 pm

Giovanni Caboto Park

9425 109a Ave NW


Ongoing Reminder: Local Office Access

To stay aligned with the federal health guidelines affecting our members, our office remains available by appointment only. We are trying to conduct all meetings with members over the phone or via video conferencing. Exemptions can be made for unique circumstances. In either case, please call (780) 423-9000 to arrange an appointment with the appropriate officer. We are extremely busy in the office so please leave a message if you’re unable to catch us on the phone.