| 07-26-2022

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Local Dispatch (22/07/26) - Summer days

Friends and Comrades, 

This week's Dispatch contains a lot of important information. This week we have an social committee announcement, two temporary Chief Shop Stewards for the EMPP, a reminder to apply for the shop steward training in September, and an important week for the RSMC petition.  

Picnic Potluck

Like many of you, I've missed the pre-covid social interactions. The in-person General Membership Meetings were a great place to meet and interact with your friends and colleges from other facilities. Although we are not quite ready for in-person GMM’s we are ready for spending time together.

That’s why our social committee is excited to announce picnic potluck at Borden Park, August 20th from 4:00-8:00pm picnic site #3. You are welcome to bring your family, as Borden is a beautiful park with lots of room for fun and games. We will provide drinks, snacks, plates, cutlery etc.. You provide the fun and some food to share. If this is a success we plan on doing many more of these throughout the year.  


EMPP Chief Shop Stewards

At the July executive meeting it was decided to appoint temporary Chief Shop Stewards for shift 1 and 2 until they can be filled at the September and October Membership meetings respectively. As per 4.12 and 4.13 the executive has TEMPOARILY appointed Kristine Bowman as Chief of shift 1 and Todd Brooks as Chief of shift 2. They will be working with Stephanie (CSS shift 3) and Evelyne (VP2 EMPP), until these positions can be filled through the normal floor election process (bylaws 5.14). 

Support the RSMC’s

With gas prices through the roof our RSMC members are having to pay out of their own pockets just to deliver the mail. This is completely unacceptable. Both Canada Post and the Federal Government are capable of relieving some of this pain.  Petition e-4007 was presented to parliament by Lisa Marie Barron  on June 20, 2022, it calls upon the Government and  Canada Post, to increase the mileage rate that our RSMCs receive. Contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to support the petition. Click HERE to find your Member of Parliament. Let them know you support petition e-4007 and you support postal workers! 

Shop Steward Training

Another reminder that we will be hosting another Basic Shop Steward course (3 days) starting September 20th. If you have any questions regarding what it means to be a Shop Steward feel free to reach out. If you are looking to apply simply fill out THIS FORM with the instruction provided in the link. 

In Solidarity,

Devon Rundvall


Canadian Union Of Postal Workers

Local 730 Edmonton & Affiliates