| 09-13-2022

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“Special General Membership Meeting”

“Special Meeting” to deal with the following motion as per by-law 8.7  

Sunday September 25th 7:00pm 

Central Lions Recreation Centre                                                             

11113 113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta 

Notice of motion 

Where as: The highest authority resides and comes from the membership. 

Where as: The democratic process within the union is of the utmost importance to the members of the union. The members must also have the utmost confidence that the people elected were done in a fair and transparent process. 

Where as: The local failed to properly notify members of the local of the agenda and elections there in for the positions of President and 2nd Vice President (Edmonton Mail Processing Plant) by way of designated union boards or the local publication.  

Where as: The Rogers network was down preceding the Edmonton Local July GMM, many members who use that network were unable to register or access the “virtual only” meeting. 

Where as: There have been difficulties with members being able to log into virtual meetings and some who have registered still were not admitted into these meetings thus not being able to vote nor attaining or retaining meeting requirements for local elections.  

Where as: The Edmonton local has not allowed members to “attend” GMM meetings and continues with virtual meetings thus not following local bylaws and allowing members a choice to be able to “attend” GMM’s. 

Be it resolved: The election process for the positions of President and 2nd Vice President (Edmonton Mail Processing Plant) be re-elected and it be done at the October GMM with nominations for the positions open to any member in good standing regardless of meeting requirements listed in the Edmonton local bylaws. 

Be it further resolved: The October GMM be an in-person meeting or a combination of an in-person meeting and virtual meeting. The vacancies created by the July GMM elections and elections for the September GMM shall be dealt with and decided on how to go forward bases by the members present at the September GMM. 

CUPW national constitution states “Each member shall comply with the Constitution and policies of the Union and with the by-laws of his/her Local”.  This motion is a violation of the following bylaws 5.2, 5.6.3, 5.14, 5.16.1. For these reasons, it will be ruled out of order. 

In addition to this, the membership voted at the September GMM to hold the October GMM virtually.