| 09-14-2022

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September 19th Holiday

I true colonial fashion, the Federal Government of Canada has declared Monday September 19th a one-time Federal holiday. We have received the following statement from Canada Post regarding this day. 

Monday, September 19, 2022, is the day of Her Late Majesty’s State Funeral and a National Day of Mourning.  

Canada Post is aligning with the Government of Canada, declaring that Monday will be a one-time paid holiday for our employees. This will allow our people to commemorate her life and dedicated service. 

There will be no mail collection or delivery and our post offices will be closed. Those in franchise locations may be open during the host business’s hours.  

Please use this time how you wish. We are about to enter our busiest time of year and I’m sure that the extra day off will be much appreciated.

Reminder that in order to be paid for this Holiday, you have to be on the Canada Post payroll for the scheduled day of work before or after the 19th.