| 09-16-2022

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Reading Group- Teamsters Rebellion: Lessons For A CUPW Revolt

Teamsters Rebellion: Lessons For A CUPW Revolt


In times of economic hardship the question of “Who pays?” is often posed. Today we can see all over Canada that the bosses are insisting workers pay for this crisis. Canada Post is no different in this regard and they get to maintain their bottom line while CUPW members take pay cuts and heavier workloads. 

In 1933-1934 during the great depression the bosses in the Minneapolis coal and trucking industry insisted on the same thing for their workers. 

Farrell Dobbs, author of Teamsters Rebellion and first hand participant, outlines the problems, strategy and tactics used by the Minneapolis workers to fight against the bosses, to make the union into a real fighting organization, and what it took for them to win. 

Now we must learn to do the same.


The Event

We encourage all participants to read the text prior to the event to flush out discussion to the greatest possible extent, we understand many people won’t have time to read the text, so unlike previous reading groups there will be a presentation that summarizes the events and lessons of the text so that everyone will be able to participate whether they read the book or not. 



The Teamsters Rebellion Reading Group will be held over Zoom starting Sunday, October 16, 3pm (MT). 

Physical copies of the book are available to borrow in the local office for Edmonton & affiliate members. Please call (780-423-9000) to arrange pick-up. A digital copy of the book is available here: LINK 

To participate, you must register HERE and have an internet connection via a smartphone, tablet or computer with a microphone or attend the in-person watch party at the office of CUPW local 730 (18121 107 Ave NW, Edmonton). After your registration is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email; this email provides you with a link to join the session. If you are coming in person please still register online so we have an idea how many participants there will be. If you don’t feel comfortable joining the discussion, please don't be discouraged; all are welcome to hang out and benefit from this valuable exploration of our history!