| 09-21-2022

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Statement from the Local Executive

At the Executive meeting held on Tuesday, September 20th, the Local Executive discussed the concerns that have been brought forward regarding the two upcoming in-person meetings on September 25th. Please see the following statement from the Executive regarding the decision about the meetings.

Executive Committee Statement:

There has been some discussion around the Local regarding the time and date picked for the two “Special General Membership Meetings” being held on Sunday, September 25th, at 4:30pm and 7:00pm. There have also been a number of questions regarding the in-person format.

Here are the reasons for the meeting being held on a Sunday evening (September 25th).

  • GMMs have been held on an alternating schedule of Sunday evenings and Saturday mornings. 
  • The vast majority of members do not work on Sunday evenings. 
  • Special meetings need to have seven days’ notice.
  • Based on a very busy time of year with vacation schedules, consults, and training (in and out of the Local), the 25th was the best choice.
  • The motion being presented was demanding an in-person meeting.

The “Special Meeting” to discuss the motion presented was planned for the 25th with the above reasoning. After, we realized the long weekend conflict that existed for the Oct. GMM, we decided to hold the “Special Resolutions meeting” on the same date. 

Here are the reasons for the in-person meeting being called. 

  • There had been many, many comments asking “When are we going in person GMMs?” or stating that “We need to get back to in-person GMMs”
  • Prior to the September GMM, the Full-time officers and Executive have been discussing the return to in-person for the October GMM. The President even mentioned this to members during his workfloor visits to the EMPP earlier this month. We fully intended to switch to in-person in October. Either with a hybrid or an alternating schedule (In-person one month, Zoom the next). 
  • The Executive/ FTO’s thought that the resolutions meeting would be the most beneficial if it was an in-person meeting. 

In order to facilitate access for all, this ZOOM link is available for those who are unable to attend in person. Registration for the meetings will close on Friday, September 23, at 12 pm.

This is an attempt at a hybrid meeting. Please be patient. Going forward this will help determine the best way of allowing all members to attend.