| 11-11-2022

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Local Dispatch (22/11/10)

Friends and Comrades,
Devon is away this week and I've jumped into the hot seat.  The dispatch is loaded with important info.  Sick Days, Cost-of-living allowance, WCB, Win house women's shelters and Coats for kids campaigns,  and the CUPE defiance of back to work legislation. 

James Ball
1st Vice President
Canada Post Corporation has decided, once again, to act without an agreement from CUPW and has issued us six (6) sick Days from the Ten (10) sick days added to the Canada Labour Code.  The final regulations from the federal government for these sick days has not yet been released.
"This bulletin is for information purposes only as it portrays CPC’s position and CUPW has reserved their right to challenge CPCs interpretation..."

Read the full bulletin here
Carl Girouard, National grievance officer, has filed grievances on behalf of the Urban and Rural members against the Canada Post Corporation for its violation of the Cost-of-living allowance articles in our collective agreement.  Article 35.09 clearly states that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) index for January 2020 (urban) and December 2019 (rural) are the base used for determining the cost-of-living allowance calculation.  It appears that Canada post wants to start the process over again with the contract extensions.  the difference in payment amount will be in the millions for our members.
Read the full Bulletin here
As usual our employer is once again playing games with our members who have been injured at work. Every once and a while we get calls about how our members were told by a CPC representative of the negative effects if one applies a claim with the Workers Compensation Board. This of course has resulted in members applying for STDP which is not the proper route and causes further problems down the road. Please contact the union office on this matter as well.
The below link takes you to the WCB Website that deals with this information.
If you feel like you’ve been pressured not to report your injury, let us know by completing the form below. Please complete all fields as accurately as possible to help us follow up on the concern you have raised.

Our Local is for the second year in a row collecting donations for the Win House Women's Shelters.

Our Local is joining the United Way in their annual Coats for Kids Campaign. Items can be dropped off at the Union Office up to the end of January 2023.



The Edmonton Local supports CUPE and its defiance of the draconian use of the not-withstanding clause of the charter of rights and freedoms.  Section 33 of the Charter allows for use of the notwithstanding clause to suspend any parts of section 2 (fundamental freedoms), sections 7 to 14 (legal rights) and section 15 (equality rights) for a period of 5 years.  It also blocks any judicial review of the bill.  It's very undemocratic and is unique among the constitutions of countries with constitutional democracies.  More information on the not-withstanding clause here.  Basically, it allows the government to suspend your rights to do things they know are illegal, and offers no legal recourse to Canadians.

CUPE's only recourse was to strike to fight the use of the not-withstanding clause.  They had an incredibly strong mandate from their members with a vote of 96.5% in favor of striking. As of writing the Conservative Government of Ontario has agreed to remove the bill and go back to the negotiating table.  It's important to know that CUPE had followed all of the laws and was in a legal strike position.

Our national President Jan Simpson penned an excellent Bulletin about it here that everyone should read.

The position of this Local is one of complete support for CUPE in their defiance of the legislation.    At the November GMM a motion to indicate our support was passed unanimously by our members.  Included with that motion was a requirement to send a letter to our national executive with a request for them to seriously consider support for CUPE in the form of financial aid and/or direct actions by our members.   As the situation has evolved but not been resolved that letter is still of importance.  The letter will be published in the local publication and mail outs in the future.