| 05-01-2024

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Local Dispatch (24/05/01)

Friends and comrades,
In this week's Dispatch, we are covering the May GMM, May Day, the most recent negotiations update, an upcoming Regional educational opportunity, and the next Social Committee meeting.

Kyle Turner, Communications Officer
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Our next GMM is this coming Saturday (May 4th) at 10 am. It's a hybrid meeting, so you can attend in person (18121 107 Ave) or online via Zoom. If you wish to attend online, you must register by Friday, May 3rd at noon. For more information, click HERE.
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May Day
The annual May Day rally and march will be starting at Dr. Wilbert Mcintyre Park (8331 104 St NW) on May 1st at 5:30 pm. Speakers will commence at 6 pm and the march will be on Whyte Ave. Refreshments and cash bar will follow at Strathcona Community Hall (10139 87 Ave).
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Negotiations Update
The latest negotiations update from our National Office encourages us to not fall for the rumours and misinformation spreading on the workfloor or on social media. The bulletin also provides an outline of the process of what it takes for us to acquire the right to strike during this period. To read the full bulletin, click HERE.
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Regional Educational Opportunity
There is an upcoming Regional educational opportunity. The courses being offered are strike preparation, basic Shop Steward, and the Roles and Responsibilities of the Local Secretary-Treasurer. Posters and applications will be sent out this week for your facility's bulletin board, but you can view the poster HERE. To download the application, click HERE
The deadline to get these applications into the Local office (or sent to educate730@gmail.com) is May 17th at 5 pm.
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Social Committee Meeting
The next Social Committee meeting is happening on May 4th at 12:30 pm (following the GMM). This will be a hybrid meeting, so you can attend online or in person. If you wish to attend online, you can do so by clicking HERE.
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  • 36th Annual Labour Appreciation Night: In order to apply to attend this event, please see the previous Dispatch for more information.
  • Picket Captains: If you are interested in becoming a picket captain during a potential strike period, please reach out to the Local office at union@cupwedm.net and include your name and work location.
  • Disability Supports: To access the Disability Supports portal, which provides a list of programs and services in your community, click HERE.