| 09-09-2020

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Workers Helping Workers - Food Bank Drive

Good day,

For the last 30 years labour organizations, with the help of the Edmonton and District Labour council, have been holding a Labour Day barbecue at Giovanni Caboto park within the heart of our city. Here, many underprivileged and underemployed citizens gathered for a meal. The goal has always been to draw attention to the needs of the hard-working people in Edmonton. With a world pandemic on our hands, we have decided to avoid such a large gathering and will focus on helping our fellow citizens by other means.

To do this, we will be holding an Edmonton Food Bank Drive with the help of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Edmonton Local 730, at the Meadows Recreation Centre: 2704-17 St. Edmonton on Saturday September 26th, 2020 from 9 am to 2:30 p.m. We will be located in the parking lot with a truck donated from the Edmonton Food Bank.

If you are interested in donating online please go to:


If you are interested in volunteering contact me as per below.


In Solidarity,

Rashpal Sehmby

Health & Safety Officer

C.U.P.W. Edmonton Local 730
Office: 780-423-9000 Ext 4