| 09-30-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/09/30)

Comrades & Allies,

Here is your local dispatch for the 5th week of September 2020. Although the updates will continue to be announced over the listserv, we're experimenting with storing and sourcing our correspondence from our website so that members have a convenient resource they can regularly visit.

In Solidarity,

Roland Schmidt
President, CUPW 730

General Membership Meeting (via Zoom) - Sunday, Oct 4, 6pm

The deadline for registering for the GMM is Friday, Oct 2 at noon. You can register by following the link below. As always, these meetings are an important opportunity for all of us to collaborate on how to better assert want we want improved on our workfloors. One positive of having our meetings remotely is that you can now attend while eating dinner or doing some other household chores -- please use this to your scheduling advantage!

Official GMM Notice (link)

Online Meeting Guidelines (link)

Registration Form (link)

If, after reading all the accompanying information, you're still having trouble understanding the online format or how to register, please contact our office. This local belongs to you, your participation is valued, and our office wants to do what it can to help you get involved.

Updated Temp Rights (Urban) Package

At our last Exec meeting, an excellent discussion was had on how to better help our newest members adjust to the difficulties of postal life as well as nurture their involvement in our union. Our first step was in updating the Temp rights package we give to all new (Urban) workers coming into our office to sign membership cards. This package has also been made digitally available on our website for download so please share this resource with any temps who haven't yet familiarized themselves with the union. Second, we tasked some of our Exec to develop a similar package for RSMCs that will focus on OCREs and PREs. Once completed, we will share it widely and post it alongside our other online resources.

Temp Rights (Urban) Package (link)


A Good War - Mobilizing Canada For The Climate Emergency (Alberta Edition)

Seth-Klein-A-Good-War-Book-Cover-Headshot - McConnell Foundation

October 5 at 7:00 p.m. MT - Join author, Seth Klein, discussing his book in this free webinar event.

Even Registration (link)

Featuring a musical performance by Gerald Wheatley and the Arusha Centre House Band!

In A Good War (published by ECW Press in September 2020), Seth Klein explores how we can align our politics and economy with what the science says we must do to address the climate crisis. But Klein brings an original and uniquely hopeful take to this challenge. The book is structured around lessons from the Second World War – the last time Canada faced an existential threat. Others have said we need a “wartime approach” to climate change, but this is the first book to delve into what that could actually look like. Canada’s wartime experience, Klein contends, provides an inspirational reminder that we have done this before. We have mobilized in common cause across class, race and gender, and entirely retooled our economy in the space of a few short years.

More Book Details (link)