| 10-14-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/10/14)

Comrades & Allies,

Here is your local dispatch for the 3rd week of October 2020. 

In Solidarity,

Roland Schmidt
President, CUPW 730



EMPP Annual Shift Bid 

Once again rumours have begun circulating in the EMPP that "the union" has already consulted on the annual shift bid without seeking participation or perspectives from the workfloor. Once again, let me encourage members to ignore management misinformation or those that have more interest in spreading gossip than building solidarity. Loose lips sink ships. If something you hear seems 'off', please ask a shop steward, your shift chief steward, or contact the office. If a steward is giving you information that contradicts what is being sent out from the office, I need to hear about it so we can make sure you're receiving proper advice and representation (780-423-9000 ext. 1).

The consult timeline will be as follows: early next week, Cheryl Chow, our EMPP VP, and her three chief stewards, along with Regional office, will be reviewing the proposed position increases and schedule changes. During this review they will draft a summary which will then be circulated on the workfloor for feedback. At the same time, they will also be seeking out trustworthy stewards and members to represent their sections in the annual shift bid consult on Oct 29. Part of this consult will be how to best navigate the proposed creation of 70 fulltime as well as the loss of 11 part-time positions.

Before Oct 24, we ask each section, on each shift, to decide on a couple of people they feel would best represent their concerns at consult. Once decided, have someone send along their name and contact info to our EMPP VP Cheryl (empp730@gmail.ca). From that list, Cheryl and the chief stewards will select trustworthy, active stewards and members that will then be contacted to prepare and participate in the consult (update: due to scheduling difficulties, the consult date will be on either Oct 27 or Oct 29) held via video conference. This process is always a tremendous amount of work, with a lot of moving pieces, so we ask for your patience and understanding.


Last Call Before Deadline! Education
Opportunities - Local & Regional

Pandemic or not, the struggle continues to empower our workfloors to stand strong against CPC’s attempts at undermining our rights. Please read the descriptions below for education opportunities available to our members:

1. Advanced Shop Steward Course (Local) - Deadline Oct 15

(Option 1) Oct 26-30 (Option 2) Nov 2-6 - The 5-day advanced shop steward course is an opportunity for committed local activists, who are already active shop stewards, to further refine their knowledge and skills. The basic course gave you the tools, the advanced course challenges you to take more of a leading role in our local as someone capable of mentoring and assisting other activists and stewards in their own development. If you have a serious interest in growing as a leader and powerful advocate for your co-workers, this course is the perfect next step.

Application form (physical or digital)


2. Political Action (Regional) - Deadline Oct 16

Oct 30-Nov 1 - This 2.5 day course aims to help members improve their lobbying, canvassing, outreach and campaign capacity with a focus on municipal and federal politics. Participants learn how to have a more effective impact on their elected representative – through a meeting, strategic direct action, or removing a hostile MP at the ballot box.

Regional application forms (link) must be emailed to union@cupwedm.net or delivered to our local office before the Oct 16 deadline.


3. Fight Back (Regional) - Deadline Oct 16

Oct 30 - Nov 1 - This 2.5 day course dispels the myth of membership apathy. Participants will learn how to organize and mobilize union members into a powerful force for change. The course explores how to do union work in a way that builds the strength and courage of the membership. The skills learned can be applied to all the tough situations facing our members and our union.

Regional application forms (link) must be emailed to union@cupwedm.net or delivered to our local office before the Oct 16 deadline.

Education Committee Meeting - Thursday, Oct 15, 7pm (via Zoom video)

The Education committee welcomes all CUPW members who believe that offering our members education and training opportunities is one of the most effective ways to empower our workfloors. Only elected committee members have voting rights for policy and applicant selection at the meeting; all other attending general members (in-good-standing) are encouraged to participate and add their voice.

Full meeting details and registration info (link)



The Birth of Canadian Medicare (Podcast)

In 1961, Saskatchewan CCF Premier Tommy Douglas moved to fulfill a campaign promise to provide universal medical care insurance— an effort that would produce fierce opposition from Saskatchewan’s doctors, culminating in a 23-day doctors’ strike in July of 1962. The program’s success resulted Canada-wide medicare coverage in 1968. What can be learned from this example, where progressive reforms were opposed by a well-resourced and entrenched establishment? Is this labour action by doctors — to defend their profits — an example of a bad strike? Why have efforts to expand medicare to include pharmacare and dental care stalled for so long?

Full podcast Episode here.