| 10-21-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/10/21)

Comrades & Allies,

Here is your local dispatch for the 4th week of October 2020. 

In Solidarity,

Roland Schmidt
President, CUPW 730


New Local Newsletter

Just in time for spooky season, some chilling tales of class war, and what can happen when workers flex their collective power!

Full digital edition (link here)

CUPW 730 October 2020 Newsletter Contents:

1. President's Report - Tearing Down the Wall
2. The Defiance Mobilization Programme
3. It's Going To Take More Than The Courts To Stop Kenney's Bill 32
4. No Boss Is Your Friend
5. Supporting Temps Facing Harassment
6. America's Biggest Wildcat Strike Gave Postal Workers The Power
7. No Relief - Political Cartoon
8. Jessie' House Thank You Note
9. In Memoriam

Why A Green New Deal Matters To Postal Workers

AUPE hosted an excellent webinar introducing their members to the ideas behind the Green New Deal, while also providing them with resources to win over more workers to this growing movement for a sustainable economy. Our local President, Roland Schmidt, was invited to present on CUPW's Delivering Community Power campaign, how it ties into the Green New Deal, and how building worklfoor power is the most direct way for unions to enforce related demands, and confront regressive legislation, from the picket line.

Full video (link) - CUPW focused discussion starts at 54:00 mark.

New Winter Footwear Policy For C&D

We've received word that CPC is trying to send member home for not having "adequate winter footwear". CPC does not have the authority to unilaterally decide what qualifies as "adequate winter footwear". Any decision to remove, or displace, you from your assignment, despite a willingness to use anti-slip devices is a violation of your rights and should be navigated as follows if you have not yet been able to secure "adequate winter footwear":

1) Find a shop steward, inform them of the issue, and have them document (date, time, people involved, who said what, etc.) every detail to follow.

2) Along with a steward, report for duty to the acting facility manager expressing a willingness to work your assignment.

3) If the manager says you do not have adequate winter footwear, express that you have anti-slip devices as sanctioned by the National JHSC and provided by the uniform allotment and are willing to work your assignment.

4) If the manager says the anti-slip devices are not sufficient ask: "are you giving me a direct order to not perform my assignment despite having the nationally sanctioned, appropriate equipment to do so?"

5) If the manager is not allowing you to perform your assignment, ask to be accommodated your full schedule, within facility, on other duties.

6) If the manager will not accommodate you, and is forcing you to use personal days, annuals, or leave without pay, say that you are doing so under duress.

7) Whether you are accommodated with other work within facility, or are sent home, make a copy of all documentation and file a grievance on the matter.

It’s Not Enough to Fight — Labor and the Left Have to Be Serious About How to Win

Unions and the Left across the globe have the power to defeat the billionaires. But Jane McAlevey explains that doing this requires we learn the best traditions of labor organizing — and that we talk to people who don’t already agree with us and win them over to our side.

Full article (link)