| 10-29-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/10/29)


Local General Membership Meeting - Sat, Nov 7, 2020, 11am

The deadline to register for our next (online) GMM is Thur, Nov 5 at noon. The official meeting notice, online guidelines, and registration information can all be found below. Anyone with a smartphone or computer is able to easily connect to the meeting -- no need to download any new programs or apps, and you don’t have to turn on your camera if you’re feeling shy. Our attendance numbers have been sufficient but not what we had from in-person meetings pre-C19. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of trying an online meeting for the first time, please don’t be! These meetings are very informative and efficient, made all the better by having as many of our members are possible participating. More hands makes lighter work!

Full meeting details (link)



EMPP Schedule Change & Annual Bid Consult Updates

After 16 hours of consulting over 2 days, your representative team from the EMPP was successful in securing more favorable schedules and more new jobs and relief positions, than initially proposed by CPC. All EMPP members should know that Cheryl and the chief stewards strongly asserted the concerns from the floor as to how the 60+ newly created jobs would be staffed. Through these discussions, we learned just how much misinformation was flying around the EMPP as to how the staffing process will be handled so please take the time to read the detailed documents included below:

1) Memo from Regional office explaining the collective agreement process for honoring seniority to staff the newly created EMPP positions (link)

2) Summary and timeline of the when the new positions are being added and when the different bids will be taking place (link)

If, after reading these documents, you still have some questions, please contact our office.



Health Care Worker Wildcat - A Rankandfile.ca Report

“October 26 2020, hundreds of members of the Alberta Union of Public Employees (AUPE) walked off the job to protest ongoing attacks on health care by Jason Kenney’s government. The key issues include job security against outsourcing, addressing short-staffing, and stopping the privatization of public healthcare.”

Full article (link)



In Case Of Strike - Alberta Advantage Podcast Episode

What’s a strike? Why do they happen? What’s a picket line? How can I support a strike? What is the mass media likely to say about a strike? What role do the courts and labour board play? What dirty tricks might be expected from employers? Team Advantage addresses all this and more in our overview of labour action basics.

Full episode (link)



Justice & Dignity for All: Stories From the Struggle for Pay Equity

CUPW is proud to share its latest documentary on the resolute persistence of these workers to organize, achieve rights and benefits, and to become an integral part of the union itself. This is the inspiring story of the sisters who struggled to gain the most significant pay equity settlement in Canadian history. In Justice and Dignity for All, you’ll relive that struggle, as these activists tell the story, in their own words, of the victories, defeats and setbacks and the persistence that comes from knowing your cause is just.

Full 35-minute documentary (link)



Stand Up To Kenney!

Pledging support for the Stand Up to Kenney campaign is similar to casting a ballot during negotiations on a workplace contract – only on a much bigger scale. Just like in workplace contract negotiations, strong support for a strike doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll go on strike – but it gives you leverage. The more people who sign up and pledge their support to “Stand Up to Kenney” campaign, the harder it will be for Jason Kenney and the UCP to ignore us.