| 11-18-2020

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Local Dispatch (20/11/18)


Wearing (A Mask) Is Caring

In the past week, nine of our members have either been confirmed C19 or have come in close-contact with someone outside of work and are presumptive cases, pending test results.

11.09 - Whitemud South, Delton
11.12 - EMPP Shift 3, Nisku
11.13 - EMPP Shift 1
11.14 - Wetaskiwin
11.16 - Whitemud South
11.17 - EDDD x2 (separate shifts)

The choice made by the Alberta government to allow contamination to spread means that more of our members will continue to get sick. Until a health system collapse or public pressure forces Kenney to change direction, we are left hoping that those infected make a full recovery and that the measures we have in place keep preventing a workplace outbreak.

As always, we encourage mask usage as an essential deterrent to be used along hand washing, physical distancing, and staggered schedules/breaks to minimize C19 spread. Unless you have a medical reason not to, wearing a mask is a completely safe, effortless compromise that everyone should be practicing.

As rates continue to rise, it will not be a surprise if CPC decides to implement a mandatory mask policy for all inside work. Should this happen, our position would be that CPC should be aggressively advocating, and leading by example on mask wearing, as well as educating our more reluctant members to wear masks as opposed to disciplining them for non-compliance. Let’s avoid it getting to this point by embracing best practice if we haven’t done so already. Protect yourself by respecting and protecting others -- please wear a mask.

Below are other resources to round out your local dispatch for the 3rd week of November 2020. Do not hesitate to contact our office should you need support with anything.

Please stay safe out there.

In Solidarity,

Roland Schmidt
President, CUPW 730


National CUPW Bulletin: Do I Have to Wear a Mask at Work?

“CUPW has been following provincial legislation and regulation with regard to mandatory face coverings in the workplace. We must remain clear: It is Canada Post Corporation's obligation to protect the health and safety of its employees – in consultation with the appropriate bargaining agents – and it is CUPW's place to represent the interests and rights of our members.”

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Isolation and Quarantine Leave Guidelines Used Internally by CPC

Shared from our CUPW Regional Health & Safety Officer, Dave Lambert: “Although both parties do not agree in how this guide has been applied, it is important to understand what they are telling each other and our members. Please have a look as it provides some insight into how CPC is dealing with some scenarios.”

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Jason Kenney Is Calling in the Austerity Apparatchiks to Justify Attacking Alberta’s Workers

From Laura Kruse at Jacobin Magazine: “The United Conservative Party has enlisted accountancy firms to promote its agenda of economic liberalization, cloaking its partisan policies in the bloodless language of efficient management and accounting practices.”

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Progress Report Podcast: Alberta - This Is Fine (Everything Is Terrible)

Dave Cournoyer of Daveberta fame joins Progress Report to discuss Alberta's multiple overlapping crises. We talk COVID-19, Jason Kenney's $1.7 billion dollar whoopsie, conservative connected law firms making bank and how the smart money is on Joe Biden cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline. 

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