| 11-24-2020

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CUPW 730 GMM (Online) Dec 6, 2020

GMM Date: Sunday, December 6, 6pm

As per the direction given by our National executive, locals will be allowed to hold general membership meetings via video conference during the pandemic with the only restrictions being that local quorum be reached and all participants be clearly documented. The circumstances of this meeting are far from ideal; we ask for your understanding and support in trying our best to keep our local functioning to help our members.

The deadline to register for our next (online) GMM is Friday, Dec 4 at noon. The official meeting notice, online guidelines, and registration information can all be found below. Anyone with a smartphone or computer is able to easily connect to the meeting -- no need to download any new programs or apps, and you don’t have to turn on your camera if you’re feeling shy. Our attendance numbers have been sufficient but not what we had from in-person meetings pre-C19. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of trying an online meeting for the first time, please don’t be! These meetings are very informative and efficient, made all the better by having as many of our members are possible participating. More hands makes lighter work!

Official GMM Notice (link)

GMM Video Guidelines (link)

Registration Form (link) - Deadline: Fri, Dec 4, Noon - Registration confirmed after the deadline