| 02-19-2021

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Local Dispatch (21/02/19): Negotiation Station

Comrades & friends,

Until March 13, our local will be laser-focused on educating and supporting our membership on what a negotiation demand resolution is, where these resolutions will be presented, debated and democratically ratified, and how those resolutions then make their way to our National bargaining committee. This week's dispatch reinforces how our two March GMMs will develop our negotiation demands. We are also offering another workshop opportunity to brainstorm and develop negotiation demands to improve our jobs. Without a union, we are resigned to getting whatever the boss thinks we deserve; with a union, we have a chance to collectively push for whatever we want, provided we organize to go the distance. On a solemn note, our local wants to acknowledge the passing of EMPP worker, brother James Garang, and extend an invitation to his memorial service.

In Solidarity,

Local (Virtual) GMMs - Negotiation Demands - March 7 & 13

In addition to regular GMM business, the March 7 GMM will focus on the presentation and adoption of RSMC negotiation demand resolutions for the CUPW Prairie Regional Conference. Another special GMM will be held Saturday, March 13, 2021, 11am to focus on Urban negotiation demands. Each meeting will have their own notice, and registration.  (Read more >>)


Drafting Negotiation Demands - Depot Issues Workshop

As a democratic organization, how we function, and determine policy priorities, are decided by our membership. Leading up to Negotiations 2022, our members have an opportunity to promote, and debate, bargaining demands to be included in our National program of demands. The first step in this process is proposing resolutions at our two March GMMs. Below are the basics of putting together a resolution as well as contact information to submit, or receive help in developing, a resolution. (Read more >>)

Depot Negotiation Demands Resolution Workshop - Wed, Feb 24, 7pm (LINK)


Postal Workers, Like All Essential Workers, Deserve Our Respect

"As we head towards the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking that members of the public not take their frustrations out on workers. We understand this pandemic is dragging on and it is having negative effects on every aspect of our lives, but people should not be taking that out on workers. We need to support one another and we need people to stop harassing, threatening, bullying and shaming workers who continue to do the best they can under very stressful circumstances." (Read more >>)



In Memorium: Brother James Garang

We are sad and heartbroken to announce the passing away of our friend and brother James Athiann Garang. And we would like to thank you: co-workers, friends and relatives for the caring and loving that you poured on James while he battled with a deadly, terminal cancer. James worked at the EMPP for over 5 years. He was outgoing and friendly, always smiling and jovial.

Unfortunately, James passed away before he could fly home to be with his family. Our very heartfelt thanks to everyone. May his soul rest in peace.

-Patrick Mpulubusi & Co-Workers at the EMPP

Virtual Memorial Service - Wed, Feb 24, 11am (LINK)


Ongoing Reminder: Local Office Access

To stay aligned with the newest health guidelines, our office remains locked and available by appointment only. We are trying to conduct all meetings with members over the phone or via video conferencing. Exemptions can be made for unique circumstances. In either case, please call (780) 423-9000 to arrange an appointment with the appropriate officer. We are extremely busy in the office trying to put out a thousand different fires, so please leave a message if you’re unable to catch us on the phone.