| 03-12-2021

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UPDATE: CUPW History Reading Group: My Union, My Life

21.03.12 UPDATE: 

Our first CUPW History Reading Group session yesterday was a great success! Members from across the country joined in with thoughtful stories, analysis, and active listening for our discussion of Jean-Claude Parrot's "My Union, My Life".

NOTE: Registration is still open for the remaining five sessions. All are welcome to join in, hang out, and benefit from this exploration of our history! We look forward to seeing you there next Thursday. No worries on missing the earlier readings, just jump in and join us when you can!


My Union, My Life: Jean-Claude Parrot and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers

In CUPW we have always believed we can change things. And we have done so, both inside and outside our union. I trust that this book will help readers better understand why we believe that the fight of workers will never end, which is the reason for our slogan, “The struggle continues.” - Jean-Claude Parrot

As CUPW members prepare for upcoming contract negotiations and are encouraged to participate in the national Building Power to Win campaign, it is crucial we study how past members met challenges, organized, and achieved monumental victories.

Jean-Claude Parrot was an activist during our 1965 wildcat strike, National chief negotiator during our 1974 two-week “illegal” strike, and National president from 1977 to 1992, during which time he was imprisoned for defying the government’s back-to-work legislation.  

My Union, My Life provides an ideal text to delve into the most active and organized periods of CUPW history, where we were able to make tremendous gains for ourselves and other workers. The lessons in Brother Parrot’s book will be invaluable as we prepare for the struggle to protect and improve our own jobs, as well as revitalize the Canadian labour movement.



The CUPW History Reading Group will be held over Zoom starting Thursday, March 11, 7pm (all times MT). It will run every consecutive Thursday from 7 - 9pm over a seven-week period, allowing a break on April 1st for the Easter long-weekend. 

Free physical copies of the book are available in the local office for Edmonton & affiliate members. please call (780-423-9000) to arrange pick-up. A digital copy of the book is available here: (LINK)

To participate, you must register  and have an internet connection via a smartphone, tablet or computer with a microphone. After your registration is confirmed you will immediately receive a confirmation email; this email provides you with your own personal link to join all the sessions over the coming weeks. All confirmed registrants will be sent separate weekly emails from myself, the Communications Officer, containing the suggested reading and discussion questions for the week. Be sure to watch for both emails! If you don’t feel comfortable joining the discussion, please don't be discouraged; all are welcome to hang out and benefit from this valuable exploration of our history! 

If you'd like to participate but are unable to because of a time conflict, please register and you'll still be able to follow along

Registration: LINK 
Registration Deadline: Registration will remain open for the duration of the event
First Session: Thursday, March 11, 7pm (MST)

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