| 03-25-2020

CBC interview - CPC not providing safe workplaces during pandemic

"But the truth is that if we can't do it safely, we are a greater risk to Canadians than if we weren't doing the service. So if we get contaminated, that is bad news for Canada."

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| 03-23-2020


We continue to try our best at the local office to respond to every one of your many calls and emails, as well as keep you updated on this rapidly evolving situation. The biggest challenge we’re facing in the office is that the Government and even the CEO of CPC have been saying all the right things when it comes to what postal workers should be doing...

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| 03-20-2020


Our office has also been having non-stop calls with upper CPC management about what they are doing to make sure the safety of our members is being prioritized as much as possible. Today, we had another call with upper-CPC and asked that the following changes be implemented as quickly as possible.

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| 03-11-2020

Edmonton Local Solidarity With Calgary to Fight SSD

The struggle against the unilateral implementation of SSD continues to grow as the Edmonton & Calgary locals are now officially partnering to train more workfloor organizers to build the capacity needed to meaningfully fight back.

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| 02-01-2020

Feb 2020 President's Report - Helping Others to Help Ourselves

"During my latest round of workfloor visits, I explained how arbitration has once again been unilaterally extended and how, unless our union radically changes our perspective on how change is made, we will be held hostage to this process which can never deliver us satisfaction." 

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| 01-29-2020

CUPW 730 Sends solidarity to blockading unifor workers

If not for Unifor’s willingness to fight unjust laws and police repression, their members would be back at work without any of their demands and a gutted pension. Their courage in this fight should be an inspiration to us all, and their victory could signal a radical change in our own union’s approach to government and court obstruction of our rights.

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| 01-14-2020

Edmonton Postal Workers Denounce Steward Witch Hunt

"I’m disappointed it had to come to our entire station repeatedly confronting our managers but that’s what it took for them to clue in just how unsafe and unacceptable our situation was! A problem that CPC had over one year to find a solution was addressed in the matter of a few days once we fought back."

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| 12-31-2019

2019 In Review - What Is the Union Doing?

There’s no sugar coating it: 2019 was a brutal year for postal workers. We’ve spent the entire year under unconstitutional legislation discouraging us from striking to leverage a better collective agreement out of CPC. Strike’s are very effective but without the (legal) power to strike our future is being surrendered to the arbitration system.

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