| 12-01-2019

December 2019 CUPW 730 Newsletter - Heavy Season

In this issue you’ll find extensive analysis on why consultations are a sham, political cartoons, a story about standing up to a bully boss in the EMPP, funny memes, how CPC restructure fraud at D2 continues to harm workers, and a heartfelt piece of how a member embraced activism after many years of dissatisfaction with the union. 

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| 11-20-2019

EMPP Workers Confront Management Misconduct

Trevor was disliked the moment he was assigned as the new supervisor to the shift 1 parcel section. Where previous supervisors would be more respectful and ask workers about perceived hiccups in operations, Trevor would jump right in making accusations and threats in order to get his way. 

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| 11-04-2019

Podcast: Edmonton Posties Willing to defy legislation

Rank & File, an excellent source for working class news an analysis, conducted an interview with our local President about why the Edmonton local is advocating a different approach for CUPW that emphasizes workfloor activism over proceduralism.

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| 10-28-2019

November 2019 CUPW 730 Newsletter

Another great issue of our local newsletter is out and packed full of quality content! In it you will find the results of our back-to-work defiance referendum and the resulting open letter to our National Executive asking for support.

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| 10-25-2019

Expanding Workfloor Organizing To Entire Prairie Region

Our local President had the opportunity to address attendees of the Oct 2019 CUPW Prairie Regional school on the mass workfloor organizing strategy being pursued in Edmonton. There, he shared a brand new proposal developed with the Regional Office to target, train and support organizing capacity in locals throughout the Prairies.

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| 10-06-2019

Defiance Referendum Results - Open Letter To National Exec

To our friends in the CUPW National Executive and the rest of the labour movement: There can be no denying that the size and power of our movement has been in steady decline for at least the past 40 years. Some of this has been attributed to changes in industry but if we’re being honest with ourselves...

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| 09-24-2019

An Action-Packed September for CUPW 730

Record-setting meeting attendance, countless organizing workshops, job actions galore and analysis on how our union can further reclaim its power: all this and more in the latest issue of the InsideOut (attached)! Since relaunching under our new Editor (Kyle Turner, Rosedale carrier), each issue of the InsideOut has improved in not only presentation, but content quality.

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| 09-13-2019

Referendum - Should postal workers defy legislation?

A presentation is given by the local President, Roland Schmidt, before members participate in a referendum asking: If you knew you had the financial and legal support of CUPW National and other unions, and if you knew you had the mass support of the rest of the Edmonton local, would you be willing to join the rest of the local in defying Trudeau's back-to-work legislation to improve your workin...

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